Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

The types of cylinders are:

Double-acting (Fig. 7.14a)
Single-acting, spring return (Fig. 7.14b)
Double-rod (Fig. 7.14c)
Tandem (Fig. 7.14d)
Telescoping (Fig. 7.14e)

The double-rod cylinder has the same annular area on both sides, so it develops the same maximum force in both directions for a given relief valve pressure. It also extends and retracts at the same velocity when a given flow is supplied.

The tandem cylinder provides a means for increasing the force that can be generated with a given pressure. For extension, the total force is

F=(Ac + Ar)P

Telescoping cylinders are used when a long stroke is needed and the space available to mount the cylinder is limited. A typical example is the telescoping cylinder on a dump truck.


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