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Hydraulic Presses Machines

Presses action are typically used for molding, shaping, shearing, and many other operations. To understand the hydraulic pressing calculation, let us set an example of a 30-in. bore and 10-in. stroke hydraulic press cylinder. The system needs to complete the … Continue reading

19. November 2012 by JackSparow
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Gear-Type Flow Divider Valve

The gear-type flow divider valve works like two hydraulic gear motors with attached shafts. The both motor must have to run at the same speed since their shafts are attached. Thus, the same flow goes through both sides. The flow … Continue reading

05. November 2012 by JackSparow
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Hydraulic Automatic Transmission Performance

Six gears direct-drive transmission and three shifts automatic transmission/ torque converter performance is shown in figure above. In the figure we can see that three shift on torque converter have the power transfer bands as smooth as the power line … Continue reading

03. November 2012 by JackSparow
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Gearboxes Hydraulic Pump Mounts

Hydraulic pump mounts are gearboxes that are designed to drive the pumps. These gearboxes have one input and provide connections for mounting one to four pumps on the output side. Mounts can be equipped with clutches and available for different … Continue reading

01. November 2012 by JackSparow
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