Hydraulic Flow Divider Valve


Hydraulic Flow Divider Valve
Hydraulic Flow Divider Valve

Hydraulic flow divider valve is used to synchronize two actuating unit. A flow divider divides a single flow stream into two equal streams so each actuator receives the same flow rate.

The figure above showed a flow divider valve in the splitting position. The fluid will enter through port 3; the pressure in port 3 will overcomes the spring tension and force down plug 4 and uncovers the two orifices in sleeve 2. The fluid then divide in to two flow stream through side passage 1 and 5. The hydraulic oil will flows through check valve 7 and 15, metering grooves 10 and 14, port 9 and 13, connecting port to the actuating cylinder.

If there is any flow rate difference between the two output port results in a pressure differential between these two passages. Free-floating metering piston 11 shifts to equalize the internal pressure, equalizing the flow.


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