Gearboxes Hydraulic Pump Mounts


Hydraulic pump mounts are gearboxes that are designed to drive the pumps. These gearboxes have one input and provide connections for mounting one to four pumps on the output side. Mounts can be equipped with clutches and available for different gear ratios. When a diesel engine is used as the prime mover, the engine must be run at maximum torque output – 2000 rpm for a diesel engine. The prime mover output may be equipped with a gear box to increase the output speed to produce a higher output flow.

Hydraulic pump mount
Hydraulic pump mount

Many mobile applications use more than one pump to drive a number of circuits on an individual machine. Suppose the requirement is to provide four pumps on the machine, we can use four-pump mount or we might use a two-pump mount with a single pump on one mount and a three-pump multiple on the second mount.

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