Hydraulic Four-way Control Valve Leakage Characteristic

In addition to the flow which the valve supplies to the piston, there is also a small amount of leakage flow within the valve itself. Since there must be some diametral clearance between the valve spool and its sleeve, there will always be some leakage flow past the metering edges from the fluid supply. to the return or drain lines. This leakage is generally the largest when the valve is centered as shown by Fig. below. The leakage then decreases as the valve spool is. moved from the centered position, since the valve lands. better cover their respective control ports. This valve leakage may be reduced by reduction of the diametral clearance of the valve spool and by overlapping the metering edges of the :valve and the ports in the valve sleeve.

Hydraulic Four-way Control Valve Leakage

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