Three-way Flapper-nozzle Control Valve


The flapper-nozzle valve has certain mechanical design advantages mainly the simpler construction and the feature of no close-clearance sliding parts as compared to the spool-type valves. However, flapper nozzle valves must be very .accurately designed to provide characteristics which exactly suit the requirements of a particular application.

Figure 1.24 shows a three-way flapper-nozzle control valve. The valve consists of a fixed orifice and a variable-area orifice. The area of the variable-area orifice is controIled by the distance that the flapper is from the opening of the nozzle. The effective area of this orifice is proportional to the circumference of the nozzle and the diStance that the flapper is from the nozzle opening.

Three-way Flapper-nozzle Control Valve

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