Yuken Screw Pumps

These pumps operate by rotating two or three screw shafts, which are aligned and engaged in parallel, to continuously convey a volume structured with screw leads. Unlike the other types of pumps, they have no intermittent displacement variation and abrupt pressure variation. Because of the low noise level and reduced pulsation, they are used as hydraulic pressure sources for hydraulic lifts and submarines. Because gear pumps are less susceptible to working fluid contamination, they are also used for pumping cutting oils and lubricants.

Figure 2.19 shows an example of the triple-screw type, which can operate with up to 25 MPa (3 626 psi) at 3 600 r/min or less. The pumps are available in displacements of 700 L/min (185 U.S.GPM) or less for high pressure operation and 1 800 L/min (476 U.S.GPM) or less for low pressure operation.

Screw Pump

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