Yuken Single Middle Pressure Vane Pump

These pumps operate at 16 to 21 MPa (2 321 to 3 046 psi). The PV2R series, specially designed to reduce the noise level, are available in four sizes, ranging from 6 to 237 cm3/rev (.366 to 14.46 cu.in./rev). The pumps have a plate with a pressure loading, which changes the clearance between the rotor and the vane side according to the pressure. Figures 2.9 and 2.10 show a PV2R series pump and its typical characteristics.

Middle Pressure Vane Pump

Typical Characteristics of the PV2R2 Pump

The simplest vane lift mechanism is the straight type; it introduces the discharge pressure to the base to counterbalance the discharge pressure applied to the bottom of the vane. Other mechanisms, such as the intra vane type where small vanes are embedded into the vanes and the pin type where vanes are pushed with pins, as shown in Fig. 2.11, are available.

Vane Lift Mechanism

These two types have better mechanical efficiency than the straight type because they need less force to lift the vanes from the base. The pin type pumps operating at 25 to 28 MPa (3 626 to 4 061 psi) have been commercially supplied.

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