Meter-In Versus Meter-Out Flow-Control Valve Systems

A meter-out flow control system is one in which the FCV is placed in the outlet line of the hydraulic cylinder. Thus, a meter-out flow control system controls the oil flow rate out of the cylinder.

Meter-in systems are used primarily when the external load opposes the direction of motion of the hydraulic cylinder.

When a load is pulled downward due to gravity, a meter-out system is preferred. If a meter-in system is used in this case, the load would drop by pulling the piston rod, even if the FCV is completely closed.
One drawback of a meter-out system is the excessive pressure build-up in the rod end of the cylinder while it is extending. In addition, an excessive pressure in the rod end results in a large pressure drop across the FCV. This produces an undesirable effect of a high heat generation rate with a resulting increase in oil temperature.

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