The pressure control valve is not in working order

1. The pressure falls below the setting level.
a. The valve is not properly seated.
b. The orifice is clogged with dust.
c. Stick-slip is taking place because of dust.
d. The valve spring is damaged.
•Overhaul the valve.
•Replace the valve and seat.
•Replace the worn or damaged parts.

2. The pressure oscillates (caused by other than the factors above).
a. The working fluid contains air.
b. The capacity of the bent line is too large.
c. The valve resonates with other valves.
d. Flow is excessive.
a. Remove the air from the fluid.
b. Make the bent line thin or short or squeeze it.
c. Replace the valve spring to change the characteristic frequency.
d. Adjust the flow to a proper level or place a larger valve.

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