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Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

The types of cylinders are: Double-acting (Fig. 7.14a) Single-acting, spring return (Fig. 7.14b) Double-rod (Fig. 7.14c) Tandem (Fig. 7.14d) Telescoping (Fig. 7.14e) The double-rod cylinder has the same annular area on both sides, so it develops the same maximum force … Continue reading

06. May 2010 by JackSparow
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Rephasing of Hydraulic Cylinders

When cylinders are connected in series, it is necessary to provide a feature for rephasing these cylinders when they are fully retracted. Otherwise, leakage will cause the downstream cylinder to not fully extend. An example of the need for rephasing … Continue reading

05. May 2010 by JackSparow
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