Hydraulic Piston Accumulator

hydraulic tail rod piston accumulator diagram

Hydraulic tail rod piston accumulator diagram

Hydraulic piston accumulator consists of a barrel as body, heads and piston. The piston may be extended with a tail rod; the piston without a tail rod is referred to as a floating piston. Hydraulic fluid is pumped into one end of the cylinder and the piston is forced toward the opposite end of the cylinder against a captive charge of an inert gas such as nitrogen. Hydraulic piston accumulator can be installed in either horizontal or vertical mounting.

hydraulic floating piston accumulator

Hydraulic floating piston accumulator

The gas section of the accumulator may be located on either side of the piston, the piston have seals to separate the fluid and the gas.  The tail rod piston accumulator use two piston seal, the air side seal and the oil side seal. The space between the two pistons is vented to the open air through drilled hole across the length of the tail rod. The seals failure in two seals type accumulator is easier to detect but in floating piston the leakage is harder to notice. An indication of leaking seal in floating piston accumulator can be detected by the presence of significant amounts of oil in the air side.

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