Electro-Hydraulic Two-Stage Servo Valves

Nearly all types of servo valves are based on common principles. Electro-hydraulic two-stage servo valves generally operate with force feedback. Given that valve pressure drop is constant, the valves control the output flow in proportion to the input signal. Therefore, they can be used to drive a hydraulic cylinder or motor at a speed proportional to the input current.

Figure 9.5 provides illustrations of an electro-hydraulic servo valve. The valve contains identical torque motors in parallel, which serve as a nozzle flapper amplifier with movable coils and nozzles. Coil displacement always determines the spool position. To ensure reliable pilot operation, the valve is provided with a filter prior to the pilot line, as well as a high-performance line filter prior to the valve inlet. Table 9.1 shows valve specifications, and Fig. 9.6 provides frequency response variations.

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