Pilot Operated Flow Control and Check Valves

These valves are pilot-operated. They control the flow with a hydraulic cylinder to accelerate or decelerate the actuator without shock.

Pilot Operated Flow Control Valve

Control Pattern and Flow Rate Adjustment

Other flow control valves described below are available
• Flow Control and Relief Valves
These valves contain a flow control valve and a relief valve, the combination of which achieves a pump discharge pressure almost equal to the load pressure. Even when the load pressure is low, the pump discharge pressure does not increase to the control limit, ensuring power-saving operation of the system.
• Flow Dividers
These valves are used to synchronize two or more actuators. They have one inlet port and two outlet ports so that the inlet and outlet flows can be regulated to certain levels, regardless of the load.
• Priority Control Valves
These valves are incorporated in power source systems for vehicles, etc. If pump supply flow is at or below a preset level, the valves allow all of the flow to go to the priority line. If it is above the preset level, they direct the excess flow to the bypass line.
• Shut Off Valves
These valves prevent counter load from decreasing when the cylinder outlet pressure falls because of damaged piping or rubber hoses. When detecting that the cylinder is rapidly moving down, these valves quickly close to shut off the flow.

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