Cautions on Piping and Assembling

A hydraulic unit may incorporate steel pipes, stainless pipes, or hoses.

Nominal size of pipes: A (millimeter) and B (inch), outer diameter is same. Scale A (millimeter) is usually applied to pipes for flareless fittings.

Schedule: it refers to wall thickness and is denoted as Sch. See Tables 12.2 and 12.3 for pipe selections in accordance with the working pressure.

•Cautions on Piping and Assembling
i . Use Teflon tape for thread sealing.
ii . Remove burrs and chips after cutting the pipe and threading. Avoid using dull cutting tools and dies.
iii. Make sure that the curvature radius of a pipe is 2.5 to 3 times larger than its inner bore.
iv. Use pipe cramps to eliminate shocks and vibrations, if necessary.
v . Attention should be paid to the following points when a flexible hose is applied.
a) The curvature radius is greater than the specified minimum radius
b) A hose is not twisted.
c) Extra hose length is required because the hose expands with increased inner pressure.

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