Maintenance and management of the hydraulic system

Perform the following actions for maintenance and management of the hydraulic system.
1. Keep the working fluid clean (see Chapter 14 HYDRAULIC FLUIDS).
2. Make sure that operating conditions are correct, and keep the system in an order that allows appropriate action to be quickly taken if required. The following values should be known for system maintenance and management.
(1) Saturation temperature in a reservoir (comparison with the room temperature).
(2) Input power supplied when a fixed displacement pump is unloaded or when a variable displacement pump is fully cut off (ampere).
(3) Input power at maximum load (ampere).
(4) Drain rate for a variable displacement pump (L/min (U.S.GPM)).
(5) Pump noise level [noise level at unloading and maximum loading (dB(A)) and noise quality] These values increase with lower pump efficiency and more internal leakage in valves.

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