Pump produces noise (aeration)

1. Suction pipe connection is loose.
Fix the connection (screwed part and packing).

2. There are foams in the reservoir.
1. The oil level is low: add the working fluid to the recommended level.
2. The reservoir is equipped with no baffle plate, or the reservoir is too small: install an defoaming filter or replace the reservoir

3. Air is leaking in through the shaft seal.
Replace the shaft seal.

4. Air is not completely bled from the casing.
Run the system with no load until air is removed completely.

5. There are bubbles in a line.
Set up an air bleeding circuit for a closed line.

6. The pressure is beyond the specified level.
Drive the pump at or below the specified pressure.

7. A coupling produces noise.
Align the shaft or replace the coupling.

8. Pump parts are worn or damaged.
Repair or replace the parts.

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