Shaft Couplings (Couplings)

These couplings connect a pump shaft and a prime mover. With due consideration to axial misalignment of shafts in hydraulic equipment, the following couplings are available.
(1) Flange-type flexible-shaft coupling: with two flanges, this coupling uses the properties of rubber bush applied as a coupling bolt. Deformation of the rubber eliminates the axial misalignment.
(2) Chain coupling: this coupling connects two shafts with double-lined roller chains, and it uses a sprocket roller, which provides space between feeding crows, to prevent misalignment. This coupling is compact and light, but requires grease as a lubricant.

(3) Rubber/plastic coupling: this coupling is made of rubber or plastic for torque transmission. Its maximum rotation speed and transmittable torque are lower than other couplings. The coupling, however, provides a large misalignment tolerance, high vibration and shock absorption, and low noise.

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