Eaton’s new vent breathers protect hydraulic systems and the environment

Hydraulic systems rely on clean and stable fluids to operate efficiently and safely. However, the fluid can be contaminated by external particles and moisture, or release harmful vapors into the air, if the hydraulic tank is not properly vented. To address this challenge, Eaton has introduced two new tank-mounted vent breathers: the BR210 Dirt-Gate and the BR110 H2O-Gate. These filters offer high performance and versatility for various applications and industries.

The BR210 Dirt-Gate vent breather is designed to prevent airborne contaminants from entering the hydraulic tank, while allowing the tank to breathe freely. The filter media has a high efficiency and a low pressure drop, ensuring optimal fluid quality and system performance. The BR210 vent breather can be used for both pressure and vacuum relief, and has a visual indicator that shows when the filter needs to be replaced.

The BR110 H2O-Gate vent breather has an additional function that reduces the moisture in the hydraulic tank and inhibits the escape of oil particles into the ambient air. This vent breather uses a unique membrane technology that allows air exchange, but blocks water and oil molecules. This prevents condensation and corrosion in the tank, and minimizes the environmental and health risks of oil vapors. The BR110 vent breather also has a high efficiency and a low pressure drop, and can be used for both pressure and vacuum relief.

Both BR series vent breathers have a durable plastic housing that protects the filter media from external influences. They are temperature resistant up to 250° F (121° C) and have a nominal output of up to 25 cfm (708 lpm). They can be mounted on either side of the tank, and have a DIN 5462 output shaft that allows direct mounting of high-pressure pumps.

Eaton’s BR series vent breathers are suitable for a wide range of mobile and industrial applications, such as heavy commercial vehicles, agriculture, chemicals, and oil and gas. They provide a simple and effective solution for tank venting, fluid protection, and environmental compliance.

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