Three-way Valve Constant-pressure Source Characteristic

The three-way control valve uses only one control pressure line to the actuator with the normal pressure supply line and a drain or return line.

This type of valve is illustrated by Fig. 1.20. As can be noticed, the valve provides a force in only one direction on the piston, thereby requiring some means for returning the piston, such as a spring or a reduced-area piston supplied with the Constant-pressure fluid. The three-way Valve is equivalent to only about one-half of the four-way valve with reference to power output and control characteristics.

Three-way valve with constant-pressure source

The pressure-flow characteristics of the three-way valve as given by Fig 1.21 also illustrate the loss of more than one-half of the range of operation as c6m.pared to a four-way valve. The line indicating the normal operating point for the valve is the result of the external force supplied to the piston which provides linear characteristics of the valve
within a limited range of operation.

Three-way valve with constant-pressure source characteristic

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