Water-cooling heat exchangers are the most popular because they provide the highest cooling efficiency. However, in recent years, air-cooling heat exchangers, which do not require cooling water, have become popular for compact units in machine tools. Heat exchangers with circulating coolants are widely employed in machine tools because of their high accuracy.

(1) Tubular heat exchanger: this exchanger delivers a working fluid through many copper tubes to accomplish heat exchange between the working fluid and the cooling water.

(2) Plate heat exchanger: this exchanger consists of many thin plates, which dissipate heat with the cooling water.

(3) Air-cooling radiator: this exchanger has many fin tubes to cool the working fluid with air flow through the tubes.

(4) Refrigerant heat exchanger: this exchanger uses a coolant gas and a compressor, similarly to home air conditioners, to dissipates heat from the working fluid. The unit is comprised of a hydraulic pump for circulation, a motor, and thermo control equipment such as a thermostat. This heat exchanger is used for applications where highly accurate temperature control is required.

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