Hybrid Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Control Valves

These valves contain a combination of an amplifier-integrated proportional valve, pressure sensor, and displacement sensor in order to improve the functionality and ease of use. They have a closed minor feedback loop that greatly improves pressure control linearity, hysteresis, and stability. The valves offer the following features.
(1) With a hydraulic power source, DC 24 V power supply, and command signal voltage (0 to 5 V), the valves allow easy building of proportional control systems and do not require any separate amplifier or electric controller.
(2) They accommodate sensors that permit system pressures to be monitored on a remote digital indicator.
(3) The valves feature monitoring of sensor output signals and deviation signals from a closed loop; systems can be built that detect failures of hydraulic components or conduct predictive prognostics.

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