Reservoir Filters

Two types are available. One protects the pump by installing filters at the pump suction port. The other, called the return filter, cleans the working fluid returning to the reservoir.
(1) Suction filter without a case (FT): It consists of a core rolled up with a filter. This filter equipment is called a strainer and submerged in working fluids for filtration. Typically, it uses a 105-^m mesh filter.

(2) Suction filter with a case (FS): It has a filter element in a case. One type employs a differential pressure indicator to indicate that the filter element is clogged. Another type is equipped with a by-path valve. Typically, a 105-^m mesh is used as the filter element.

(3) Return filter: There are two types of the return filters. The tank-top type is installed on the reservoir, and the in-line type is within the lines. The latter type employs a low-pressure line filter.
Figure 11.3 shows the tank-top type.
As shown in Table 11.1, the filtration rating should be decided with consideration given to the filtration conditions.

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