Yuken Single Low Pressure Vane Pump

These low pressure vane pumps, operated at 5 to 7 MPa (725 to 1 015 psi), are supplied as the PVL1, 50T, 150T, 250F, and 500F series. The pumps are available in the displacement of 1.5 to 498 cm3/rev (.092 to 30.4 cu.in./rev). They have a simple structure: clearances between the rotor and the vane side are maintained with a fixed plate. The inner space of the cam ring is structured with an oval circle and complete round circle. The curved and connected space between the circles is where the vanes make the elevation movement. The pumps have two pairs of suction and discharge areas and balance the internal radial force with the discharge pressure; thus, these pumps are called the pressure balanced type (Table 2.1).

Low Pressure Vane Pump

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