Gravity-Return Single-Acting Cylinder

Figure1.2 shows gravity-return-type single-acting cylinders. In the push type [Fig. 1.2(a)], the cylinder extends to lift a weight against the force of gravity by applying oil pressure at the blank end. The oil is passed through the blank-end port or pressure port. The rod-end port or vent port is open to atmosphere so that air can flow freely in and out of the rod end of the cylinder. To retract the cylinder, the pressure is simply removed from the piston by connecting the pressure port to the tank. This allows the weight of the load to push the fluid out of the cylinder back to the tank. In pull-type gravity-return-type single-acting cylinder, the cylinder [Fig. 1.2(b)] lifts the weight by retracting. The blank-end port is the pressure port and blind-end port is now the vent port. This cylinder automatically extends whenever the pressure port is connected to the tank.

Gravity-return single-acting cylinder: (a) Push type; (b) pull type

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