Regenerative Cylinder Circuit

Figure 1.3 shows a regenerative circuit that is used to speed up the extending speed of a double-acting cylinder. The pipelines to both ends of the hydraulic cylinder are connected in parallel and one of the ports of the 4/3 valve is blockedby simply screwing a thread plug into the port opening. During retraction stroke, the 4/3 valve is configured to the right envelope. During this stroke, the pump flow bypasses the DCV and enters the rod end of the cylinder. Oil from the blank end then drains back to the tank through the DCV.

When the DCV is shifted in to its left-envelope configuration, the cylinder extends as shown in Fig. 1.3.The speed of extension is greater than that for a regular double-acting cylinder because the flow from the rod end regenerates with the pump flow Qp to provide a total flow rate Qt.

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