Hydraulic Cylinder Construction

Typical construction for cylinders used in industrial applications is shown in Fig. 7.18. The seals are a key feature, as is the rod wiper. Dirt from the environment settles on the rod and will ingress into the hydraulic system if it is not removed. Some small particles do escape the wiper, and these must be removed by the filtration system.

Industrial cylinders, because they are designed for a large number of cycles during their design life, will typically have the multiple o-ring seals shown in Fig. 7.18. They also have a rod bearing to support the rod when the load is not a pure axial load. Lower-cost cylinders, designed for fewer cycles, often do not have these features. The lower-cost cylinders can be used for agricultural equipment, some of which is only used 200 hours per year. Industrial cylinders are used on equipment that operates 2000+ hours per year.


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