Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

A hydraulic flow control valve is a device used for adjusting or manipulating the hydraulic oil flow rate. The hydraulic flow control valve constructs of a flow passage or a port whose flow area can be varied.

Most common applications of flow control valves in hydraulic systems are in controlling the hydraulic oil flow rate to cylinders and motors to regulate their speeds. Any reduction in oil flow will reduce the actuator speed. There are many designs of hydraulic flow control to meet the specific needs.

fixed flow control valve

Hydraulic fixed flow control valve

The figure above shows the symbol of hydraulic fixed flow control valve.

While the adjustable flow control valves or throttling valves are symbolized in hydraulic circuits as


hydraulic adjustable flow control valve

Hydraulic adjustable flow control valve

And the pressure-compensated flow control valves represented as:

pressure compensated flow control valve

Hydraulic pressure compensated flow control valve

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