Screw, flange, welded, flare, and flareless fittings are available for line connection and equipment setup. In addition, the following fittings are among the available selection.
(1) Socket: Connects lines into straight configurations. Fittings that connect lines with different bores are called reducer.
(2) Elbow: Changes directions of lines. Elbow fittings for lines with different bores are also available. 90- degree elbows and 45-degree elbows are among the available selections.
(3) Tee (tees): Branches out or in lines.
(4) Nipple: Has male threads at both end to connect lines into straight configurations.
(5) Bush: Has a male and female thread at each end to connect lines into straight configurations. They are usually adapted for lines with different bores.
(6) Cap: Closes the male thread port.
(7) Plug: Closes the female thread port.
(8) Union: Uses screw caps to allow easy disconnection of lines. It is equipped with packing like O-rings.
(9) Flange: Seals line connection with O-rings and tightens it with bolts. It is most generally used for fitting.
The following flanges are available in the inserted welding and butt welding types.
i . JIS-compatible high-pressure rectangular flange
ii. SAE-compatible oblong flange (hexagon)
iii. JIS-compatible low-pressure sphere flange

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