Requirements for Hydraulic Reservoirs

(1) A reservoir should be set up with a method to shut out foreign substances such as dust. Example: Filter at a ventilation or a filling port.
(2) A reservoir should be set up so that its components can be easily detached for smooth maintenance.
(3) A reservoir should have an oil level gauge for safety.
(4) A baffle plate should be placed between the return and suction pipes to prevent foreign substances from being drawn back through the hydraulic system.
(5) Return and suction lines should be installed below the oil level.
(6) A side cover should be included in a reservoir to facilitate the inner coating and cleaning processes.
(7) Safety Laws (for ex. Fire Service Law in Japan), where applicable, regulates the following items: empty space in the reservoir, level gauge type, and the oil pan volume, etc. Applicable ordinances and regulations depend on the operating pressure and the flash point of the working fluid. Local laws and regulations may also be applicable. For local regulations, their applicability should be checked in advance with the local fire departments and system users.

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