Manifolds connect ports of hydraulic components with drilled metal blocks, instead of piping. They usually have outlet ports with tapered threads (Rc) or connection flanges. Manifolds have the following advantages.
i . They can reduce leakage and vibrations with simple piping.
ii . They are compact.
iii. Their assembly does not require trained skills; installation is easy and quickly completed.
iv. Base blocks of 1/8- and 3/8-inch bores have been standardized for modular valves.
Manifolds are made of the following materials.
i . SS material: Often selected for customized units.
ii. SUS material: Used when rust should be prevented.
iii. SF (forging) material: Employed for high pressure applications.
iv. Continuous casting material: Chosen with consideration to cost performance.
v. Aluminum material: Used for light weight applications, such as vehicles.

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