The pump does not discharge the working fluid

1. The rotation direction is incorrect.
Make sure that the direction is correct.

2. The pump shaft is not rotating.
Check and modify the shaft key and coupling.

3. The suction filter is clogged.
Remove the clogging.

4. Air is in the suction line.
Fix the pipe connection (screwed part and packing).

5. The working fluid is too viscous to flow into the pump.
Replace the fluid or heat it with a heater.

6. The pump is placed too high.
Decrease the suction height (head).

7. The pump rotation speed is too low.
Drive the pump at the specified rotation speed.

8. The amount of the fluid in the reservoir is insufficient.
Add the fluid to the recommended level.

9. Air is not bled at the pressurized side; suction cannot take place.
Take the air out of the highly pressurized line by loosening the line.

10. The variable displacement pump is improperly adjusted.
Check and correct the adjustment.

11. Parts are worn or damaged.
Repair or replace the parts.

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