The pump produces noise (cavitation)

1. The suction line or the suction filter is clogged.
Remove the clogging.

2. The suction line is too narrow or long.
Replace the piping so that the vacuum level is kept below the specified value.

3. The capacity of the suction filter is insufficient.
Replace the filter with a new one whose capacity is twice or more as large as the pump discharge flow.

4. The pump is placed too high.
Decrease the suction height (head).

5. The capacity of the boost pump is insufficient.
Repair or replace the boost pump.

6. The working fluid is too viscous to flow into the pump.
Replace the fluid or heat it with a heater.

7. The pump rotation speed is beyond the specified level.
Drive the pump at the specified rotation speed.

8. The air breather in the reservoir is clogged.
Clean the breather.

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